We are in the pleasure business, cookies do that to you...

Since Covid-19:

When the beautiful story of this journey is finally written, it shall largely have to do with a pandemic we had nothing to do with. That’s because it all started during the Covid-19 pandemic when most dreams were either fighting for dear breath or dying all together. The boredom of lockdowns got us baking firstly, some cookies then our favorite pastry, the cinnamon rolls which we were simply happy to share with the world. 

When you receive a package from us take your time and enjoy them uninterrupted in a conceited but albeit simple; feet up on the table, shirtless or whatever makes you feel better for that is the moment you have.


We absolutely love customer feedback, feel free to leave us feedback on any platform. 


“Though shalt add more happiness to your life by eating a cookie at least once a day.”

– We said that.

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