It’s the holiday season. It’s the best time to treat ourselves and our families to baked goodies. Whether store-bought or home-baked, treats are the main feature this season. 

Allow us to indulge you this season with our baked goodies.

“cinnamon rolls should definitely feature on your dessert table”

1. Chocolate chip cookies: nothing screams Christmas season like chocolate. Decadent, crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. The perfect treat for a sweet tooth. Best downed with a glass of milk.
2. Oat and coconut cookies: coconut is so tropical and we’re in the tropics 🙂 they’re oaty, coconutty, chewy, sweet. Best downed with a cup of coffee.
3. Banana bread: not too sweet, full of flavour, moist and decadent. Whether you’re a sweet tooth or not, you’d enjoy it. Cream cheese or whipped cream makes the best frosting for this cake. Best downed with a cup of tea.
4. Carrot cake: the best way to eat your carrots hands down 🙂 This is surely a crowd-pleaser. Moist, decadent, not too sweet. If you need to frost, a cheese cream icing or whipped cream works. Best downed with a cup of tea.
5. Cinnamon rolls: warm cinnamon, buttery, yummy fluffy pastry. What more can we say? Should definitely feature on your dessert table. Best served with a cup of coffee.
6. Oat and raisin cookies: oaty, spicy, fully of raisins. The balanced sweetness that would be enjoyed even by the savoury tooth. Enjoy it with masala tea.



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