Up until March 2020, the idea of starting a bakery wasn’t part of our plans. We had baked commercially in the past but regularly did it for our own consumption as we knew the fundamentals for a long time.

“We were rapidly learning by doing the real thing”

It is easy to say that The Pipe Dream was a natural trajectory for a long-held ambition for a duo who share a common passion for cooking and sharing until you discover that both of us are simply avid technologists, who have a common passion for high tech and perhaps are likely to discuss applications of artificial intelligence in the world but that certainly wasn’t an interesting topic during a pandemic. Baking is science too, the sweet type.

Given a chance to learn a new skill, how much are you likely to grasp in 6 months? If this were a paced classroom-based learning, I would say very little, but we were learning by doing the real thing. It worked because we soaked up so much that we can confidently call ourselves ‘experts’-at least in our own rights. That’s because the customers have largely given their mark of approval.

This blog is a showcase of how we started baking, the bakery, the lessons that we would like to share, the mistakes, the successes and the ultimate discoveries. For example, should you want to learn why it’s paramount to leave your bed-sitter windows open while handling a puff pastry, or how Raikanya ended up with one 30cm square cookie then stick around for the fun.


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