If you enjoy baking then this is for you. Most recipes are developed ‘at’ sea level, but for a majority of us in Kenya or Africa, we operate at a much higher elevation, forcing us to take certain factors into consideration.

“You may be wondering why your cake did not rise properly”

Did you know that recipes from different places in the world may not necessarily give you the results you expect?

Altitude plays a huge role in how your bakes turn out. You may be wondering why your cake or cookies turned out too sweet. Or why your cake did not rise properly. Or why the top of the cake got burnt. Here are some of the tips we’ve learned over time from experiments, failure and finally success.

  1. Temperature: the air pressure is lower at high temperatures. This means that you will need to either increase your oven temperature slightly or increase your bake time slightly.


  1. Sugar: Reduce your sugar by at least 2tbsp to ensure that you don’t have a sticky or gummy bake.


  1. Leavening agents: the doughs rise faster because gases expand more at high altitudes. Reduce your leavening agents by a fraction to prevent over proofing or over rising.


  1. Liquids: because liquids evaporate faster at higher altitudes, increase your liquids by at least 1 tbsp to ensure you don’t have a perfect bake.




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